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30mm fan noisy

  • I have a small 30mm fan intalled in my nespi case. it is a 5v dc fan but i found out that it is a little to noisy at 5v, so i used 3,3v insted and the fan is quiet at that speed. However, i whould like a little extra cooling on my pi. At 5v it sounds like the fan is struggeling (it it running at it max voltage afterall). I sit right next to my retropi when i use it so the noise is very noticeble witch it whoud not be i i used it in the living room

    So my question is,

    IS a 12v dc fan quieter at 5v than a 5v fan?

    Does anyone of you use a 12v dc fan i your nespi/superpi case? ----------> I it too loud at 5v, that you use 3,3v insted, or i 5v fine?

  • @Swedishkiller12 which pi are you using? Are you overclocked? Are you also using a heatsink?

  • @Swedishkiller12 Undervolting a 12V fan on the Pis 5V or even 3.3V pin is not going to give you any benefit. In fact it most likely is going to move a lower volume of air then your 5V fan on the 3.3V rail.

    Fan noise really comes down to two things. Air turbulence (fan speed/fin design) and ball bearing quality/noise.

    Spinning your fan slower and having an adequate passive cooler on the SOC is likely your best bet.

    Have you measured/logged temperatures while under load? If you can do this while running on the 3.3V pin and are staying below the ideal max of 70C (this is not the absolute max, but rather the safe longterm max for most models) then you should be fine.

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