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Scanlines by default in Amiberry!!!

  • ello to everyone, starting with Amiberry 2.24 it is possible to enable scanlines as line mode. It would be great if it is possible to eneable it globally and not per-game basis. In the FAQ of their site they refer to a file named amiberry.conf in the /conf/ directory. In Retropie this file does not exist, also creating it and putting the right command does not work. whatsapp web

    This is what is written in the FAQ:

    Q: Can I enable Scanlines by default for all games? whatsapp plus
    A: Yes, with v2.24 onwards a new feature was added, you can make a change in the conf/amiberry.conf file:

    Open the file, and look for the line scanlines_by_default.
    Change the value of that line to yes and save the file again.
    Restart the emulator for the changes to take effect. Note: Scanlines requires that Line Doubling is also enabled, which will cause a performance hit, since double the amount of lines will have to be drawn on-screen. Also, if your vertical resolution is not enough to display scanlines, this option will have no effect (it will revert back to no scanlines automatically).

    Is there a method to make it work in Retropie too? Thanks in advance.

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