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Scraper can't find some games

  • Hi there,

    When I run the retropie script fro terminal I usually run the scraper (the normal one, not skyscraper). But for some game it just don't find anything, no box cover and no video gameplay. The strange thing is that if I run retropie and I manually scrape the game from the gamelist, the scraper is able to find the cover box and some related information of the game. But doing this I can't get the video gameplay, that is the thing I most would like.

    Can you tell me how to solve?

  • Global Moderator

    Which scraper are you using and which is the source of scraping ?

  • @mitu I am using the "scraper" not the other one called "skyscraper".

    The source is "screenscraper", I tried the others but are worst

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