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Run bezel project via SSH?

  • I'm trying to remotely scrape my bezels so I can multitask. Can someone tell me how to run the bezel project from the command line? I know how to install it via command line. then it's in the menu on ES but I'd like to run it when ES is not running. thanks

    RP3b+ on 4.5.1
    base image from Retropie site

  • According to it's starting script should reside in /home/pi/RetroPie/retropiemenu/, so this should be the command to run it:


    That said, it will be closed if the ssh connection you run it over is closed. To prevent that, you can use the useful little programm screen. I don't remember if it is installed in Retropie ex-factory. If it isn't, you can install it with sudo apt install screen.

    To start the script with screen, enter

    screen -S bezelproject -L /home/pi/RetroPie/retropiemenu/

    This will start in a screen session named bezelproject and immediately attach to it.

    To detach from the running session without ending it, press Ctrl+A and then D. You can then logoff from that terminal or ssh connection without ending screen and in it. To reattach to that screen, enter screen -r or screen -rS bezelproject if there are more than one running screen sessions. You end a screen session by pressing Ctrl-C or ending the running program/script in it.

    To learn more about screen and its options, enter man screen or search the internet. To leave man, press either Q or Ctrl+C.

  • hmm... when I try that in terminal it just clears the screen and gives me the basic command line prompt. Nothing I can see running. when I press ^C or type exit I see something about 'screen' terminating and another thing I saw about bezel project but I'm not seeing any other window popup and in my SSH session the terminal screen is blank, and a new window/session didn't start.

  • Okay, for some reason, the screen command needs an sh after the -L on a Raspbian-based Retropie. sh starts a new shell with the script in it. On my Desktop PC running Kubuntu Linux 18.04, the command works without the sh, but on my Raspberry Pi running Retropie, it needs the sh to work as intended.

    Whatever, please try this with an sh behind -L:

    screen -S bezelproject -L sh /home/pi/RetroPie/retropiemenu/

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