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  • Hi all! I update my retropie and all emulators to the last version and all emulators can play well, but I have a fail only in adv-mame 3.9
    (and adv-mame 1.4) because on shanwan driver (ps3 clone) I cant use the d-pad buttons (only fail in adv-mame in all other emulator works well) anyone have any idea I can do to fix this??? Thanks forum!!

  • I had the same Problem with my MK-Tournament-Stick.
    I am at work right now, so i cant have a look, but i remember that i had to do a change in the config-file of Advance-Mame.
    There is a line concerning "joystick=auto" or similar.
    I changed it to "joystick=raw", after that the d-pad was fully working.

  • @sirhenrythe5th Thanks you!! works well with this changes! Thanks!!

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