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  • Hello, I've installed RetroPie 4.5.1 directly from download section.
    I wanted to try out mpg123 and it installs fine.

    1. If I use mpg123 /path/to/*.mp3 it plays fine in terminal and works like it should
    2. If I use mpg123 /path/to/*.mp3 & then the player will not work

    Meanwhile I use mpg321 works like it should but is much bigger in footprint. Can somebody explain or give me some help please?

    Best wishes

    BTW Fade in and fade out of BGM works best with this script. Do not know what the poster later did wrong with his da hood image ;)

  • administrators

    @cyperghost 4.5.1 image is Stretch - or you mean you are trying to use on Buster?

    Nothing Buster related in this anyway.

    Try mpg123 -q whatever.mp3 </dev/null &

  • @BuZz sorry you are right it's stretch on standard image. Can you explain further? Why this happens. I'll test later - thanks

  • Thanks ... this worked!
    So < /dev/null inits a EOF in file input, never saw this. Is this a common method?
    mpg123 is the clear prefered mp3 player, very small footprint - no stucks in sound during loading. Perfect.

    Edit: Changed title

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