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Reicast broken, how to install previous version?

  • Last couple of updates has given me nothing but problems with controls. I have a joystick USB encoder (Microntek USB). I have used others such as XinMo and Dragonrise. Never had any problems mapping controls using reicast joyconfig with the retropie setup. Now it just doesn't work. Followed a couple posts on here with trying to use an analog stick controller to get into the +reicast menu and tried to configure joysticks there... but Dpad input doesn't register anything. Anyhow buttons work but the directionals just dont. Mapping files changed to "evdev " from "controller" when configuring controls withing +reicast.
    I have some older images I can extract from, I extracted the reicast folder from emulators. I am wanting to place that folder into the latest build I have now. My question is what command can I use to transfer it to that folder? Well it would need to be write enabled... CHMOD 777 /opt/retropie/emulators?
    I know reicast is running great on this older image I have so I wanted to give it one last shot

  • I did figure out how to enable write access to that folder
    sudo chown -R pi:pi /opt/retropie/emulators/reicast
    It was all for not though, I tried replacing and older version of reicast… it just crashes.
    Would use flycast but its just not even playable.

  • @drewjbx

    i have the same Microntek USB controller as you, i too can't get raicast to work with the controller.

    let's work together to solve this, first we need an older build of retropi.

  • Here's an old version of reicast

    Follow thread to install and see if it helps.

  • Finally got it working, I Had a backup of an older image I kept. Retropie 4.4.1
    So I will need to check which version of reicast it is, also do you know if I choose to update the retropie script and update the OS and other emulators BESIDES reicast…. it should not effect reicast at all?

    Thanks for the link to older version.. will have that as backup plan if need to.

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