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DIY CASE and Controller Questions

  • Hi to all Retropi Fans,
    im a newbie and looking for every details to build my one retropi.
    first i want tho now wich controller i should use

    i read so much things about a controller and looking for diy kits. so i found several things on ali. yes i know i get what im paying for.
    but ... have someone any knoledge about the Controller ?

    thanks for any help

  • Hello,
    it the usb Controller was an MicroTek USb Controller. And both will be correct detected.
    the only Problem i have, i realy dont know where i can play a two player acarde game.
    I configure both controller and buttons. i can move in the menus with both.
    i start a acarde rom and can play 1 player games. the 2 second player button doesnt work.
    could someone help ?

  • i use the following Hardwares
    Pi Model hardware: B+
    Power Supply used: ( Ansman 2,5 Ampere )
    RetroPie Version Used : 4.6.1
    Built From: skretch ( Raspbian )
    USB Devices connected: 2 MicroTek USB Controller
    Controller used: 2 Microtek Controller
    Error messages received:
    cant play multiplayer Games. i dont know how to configure the 2 player button.

  • Global Moderator

    What game are you trying to play ? Are you adding coins for the 2nd player also ?

  • @mitu
    i start pacman ( for example )
    insert coins ( select button x times) and press start on Controller 1 on start .
    so i can play a singleplayer mode pacman.
    i have many coins so that i can play 2 player.
    i press start on the second controller -> nothing happens
    i press select on the second controller -> nothing happens.
    i go back in the selection and can navigate with both controller in the gamelist.
    so i dont know where i can define the 2 player button in acarde mode

  • Global Moderator

    Packman is not the best example - while 2 player game, players played alternatively and there is only one set of controls. Can you try something like Street Fighter, where both players can play at once and see if it works ?

  • i only want two know, who i can activate the player 2 button.
    is it the select button on the second controller, or is it the start button ?
    or how can i define the player 2 button ?

  • i try street fighter later

  • Global Moderator

    @Fred4711 P2 is identical to P1 as far as controls are concerned, especially if the controllers are configured the same.

  • great thanx. so the 2 player must be the start button on the second controller.
    perfect. so i have configured the buttons. but if i hit it, i cant play. so there must be an Option to set the which button is the 2 player mode button

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