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Best way too go about a vertical cab build?

  • I wish to make a cabinet with a vertical screen for all my favourite old-school games such as Pacman, Donky Kong etc.

    I am aware that there is a significant performance hit if I just rotate the screen by adding the command to the config.txt, so what are my options?

  • Global Moderator

    Depending on your resolution, the performance hit might not be noticeable.

    Otherwise, if you don't rotate the display, then you'll have to use rotation in

    • Emulationstation (via the --screenrotate option)
    • Emulators - this is up to each emulator used, RetroArch will do this for all its supported cores, I think advmame also supports this (if arcade games are what you're after).
      Of course, everything else will not work - this includes the RetroPie-Setup dialogs and the Runcommand launch menus.

  • Thanks very much, I wasn't aware that ES could be rotated so that should solve all my issues.

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