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Installing RetroPie on 64Gb SD Card

  • I would like to install Retropie on a 64Gb SD Card, but I heard it's not as simple as install it on a 32Gb SD card, It need to formatted on a specific type of format or something... Does anyone can explain how to do it?
    What tools do I need?
    Or I dont need to be worried and Etcher will do everything for me?

    I appreciate any help! :)

  • Don't worry at all - just use etcher. No difference in the process regardless of capacity, not sure where you heard that. Have fun!

  • @BennyProfane
    I saw some people on internet saying that 64Gb SD Cards need some special treatment, in order to be compatible with Raspberry Pi, I don't Know, but if you say it works, I'm not worry :P

    Thank you for your help! :)

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