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Problem of boxart in emulationstation

  • Hello,
    I have a Boxart size problem when I return to emulationstation, but when I change games in the list and come back on the game boxart come back to the right size.

    My config :
    Raspberry pi 3 B
    Retropie : 4.5.1
    Emulationstation : 2.8.4 rp ( tested with binary or source update, same problem and tested emulationstation-dev 2.9.0, same problem)
    Theme: Carbon
    Resolution of the boxart is 325x600 in png.

    Before :
    alt text

    After, when I quit an emulator and I return to emulationstation :
    alt text

    My gamelist.xml :

    	<name>BUBBLE BOBBLE [JAPON]</name>
    	<desc>Un jeu de plate-forme (à ecran fixe) tout mimi avec des dino cracheur de bubulle pour emprisonner les ennemis et 
               les transformer en bonus.Faites des enchainements et évitez les retour de .. bulles.</desc>

    theme carbon.xml :

                       <video name="md_video">
    			<pos>0.765 0.390</pos>
    			<maxSize>0.366 0.438</maxSize>
    			<origin>0.5 0.5</origin>			

    Do you have a solution to this problem?

  • Hello.

    The same for me.

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