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16:9 1080p Overlays : Season 2

  • Re : New 16:9 1080p overlays
    Hello every one,
    Last year I started a new collection of overlays for my build that I have shared with everyone. After a break of a few weeks, here I am back to launch the second season of my publications. As before, I will try to keep pace with 3 new overlays a week. It will not be easy because I have less time. So let's go with the first 3!

    Black Tiger (Capcom):
    Black Tiger 1080p overlay

    Clash-Road (Woodplace Inc.):
    Clash-Road 1080p overlay

    Snow Bros. - Nick & Tom (Toaplan):
    Snow Bros. - Nick & Tom 1080p overlay

    As usual, you can download them from this thread, download every files including config files from my github repository, or simply use the @meleu's tool (new season but still the same collection).

    For newcomers, do not forget the season 1 here. And see you next week for more.

  • Hi all,
    Second episode of the second season. This is three new overlays for your retriopie arcade games. If you like, just share to your friends. It's 100% free, done with love for the community (but first for myself).

    Psycho Soldier (SNK):
    Psycho Soldier 1080p overlay

    Side Arms - Hyper Dyne (Capcom):
    Side Arms - Hyper Dyne 1080p Overlay

    Superman (Taito):
    Superman 1080p overlay

    As usual, you can download them from this thread, download every files including config files from my github repository, or simply use the @meleu's tool (new season but still the same collection).
    Enjoy !

  • @nono6493 Always appreciate your fantastic work. I hope you'll keep on doing these for us :)

  • Hi all,
    First, I would like to thank @Brigane and every people who votes for this thread and who supports my job.
    Today, I post three new overlays. Some says that one of them is about the first platformer game ever. And no, it's not Donkey Kong.

    Space Panic (Universal):
    Space Panic 1080p overlay

    A-Jax (Konami - Based on original overlay from Krakerman):
    Ajax 1080p overlay

    Airwolf (Kyugo):
    Airwolf 1080p overlay

    As every time, they are available here, on my repository and through rpie-art script.

  • This is the new set of the week. 3 new overlays for your favorite games.

    Aliens (Konami):
    Aliens 1380p artwork
    Few weeks (months) ago, I have ask to @udb23 if i could reuse some of his overlays and "enhance" them to fit the collection design. He accepted, so this is the first one. I have reworked the konami's logo integration, create a "fade" effect on the photo's top and bottom borders and added the traditionals borders. Hope you like the effect.

    Growl (Taito):
    Growl 1080p overlay

    Rampage (Bally-Midway):
    Rampage 1080p overlay

    That's all for this week. Next sunday, another set for your retropie, so stay tuned.

  • It's time for three new overlays. Sorry for the last week, I was very busy and I could not post anything. So I have changed my plans. But let's go:

    Blue Print (Bally Midway):
    Blue Print 1080p overlay

    Burger Time (Data East / Bally Midway):
    Burger Time 1080p overlay

    Eight Ball Acion (Seatongrove):
    Eight Ball Action 1080p overlay

    Download them here, from my github repository or install them directly with @meleu's rpie-art script.
    If you like old race and cars games, next week will probably be yours.
    So stay tuned.

  • @nono6493 Fantastic work buddy, keep up the amazing work! :)

  • Let's go fast because tonight, it's race, race, race !
    Here are the three overlays of the week:

    American Speedway:
    american speedway 1080p overlay

    Bump'n'Jump 1080p overlay

    Driving Force:
    Driving Force 1080p overlay

    Download them from here, from my github repository or install them directly with @meleu's rpie-art script.
    Next week, you will go up. Or down. Or up & down. And do not think about car, I have already published an overlay for Up'n'Down from Sega... Mmmm...
    So stay tuned.

  • The three overlays of the week will make you go up, down and some time both.

    Crazy Climber (Nichibutsu):
    Crazy Climber 1080p overlay

    Elevator Action (Taito):
    Elevator Action 1080p overlay

    Crystal Castles (Atari):
    Crystal Castles 1080p overlay

    I think that now you already know the links to download and install them, so what are you waiting for ?
    Next week, we will shoot them up !
    So stay tuned.

  • Because it's never too late. Here are the three promised shoot'em up !

    Darius (Taïto):
    Darius 1080p overlay
    Warning: Darius was a three horizontal screens game, so the aspect ratio is 4:1 (or 3*4=12:3 if ou like). This overlay use the correct aspect ratio.

    Salamander (Konami) - Life force in the USA:
    salamander 1080p overlay
    AlexDC22 has created this overlay, but with a wrong aspect ration (like many others, Salamander is a 4:3 game). The aspect ratio is fixed and the overlay is tweaked to fit the collection's design.

    Sinistar (Williams):
    sinistar 1080p ratio

    Next time (I stop to say next week because I'm always late), it will be a "special" Street Fighter !
    So stay tuned.

  • Round One ! Fight !

    Street Fighter (Capcom):
    Street Fighter 1080p overlay

    Round Two ! Fight !

    Street Fighter II (Capcom):
    Street Fighter II 1080p overlay

    You win !

    Street Fighter II' Champions Edition (Capcom):
    Street Fighter II' Champions Edition 1080p overlay

    You know already how to install them. So, let's play, and stay tuned for more...

  • @nono6493 did you ever do a PunchOut!! Arcade overlay?

  • @GreenHawk84 , I have not done that yet. Perhaps soon. But, as you have probably noticed, I have done a long pause. So please, be patient.

  • Happy New year to all. Sorry for the long and unplanned pause. It is now the moment to come with new stuff. Here we go :

    Midnight Resistance (Data East):
    Midnight Resistance 1080p overlay

    Gunforce (Irem):
    Gunforce 1080p overlay

    Double Dragon II (Technos Japan Corp.):
    Double Dragon II 1080p overlay

    As usual, download them here, from my github repository, or install them with the @meleu's script rpie-art.
    Next delivery: next week (I hope). So stay tuned.

  • @nono6493 Glad to see you're back my friend. Amazing work as always 🙏

  • Hi everyone,
    it's time to add some new overlays to my collection. Let's see what we've got today :

    Mouse Trap (Exidy):
    Mouse Trap 1080p overlay
    This one is not really new. When I have started this collection, @ts-x has contributed and uploaded few overlays including one for Mouse Trap. Unfortunately the design was not fully compliant with mine. I have finally decided to modify it a little bit, mixing his job, the original cabinet's bezel, and my design. The result is very close to the original, but it is now compliant with the collection's design.

    Frisky Tom (Nichibutsu):
    Frisky Tom 1080p overlay

    King and Balloon (Namco):
    King and Balloon 1080p overlay

    Download them here, from my github repository, or install them with the @meleu's script rpie-art.

    The next set will be 100% shoot'em up. So if you like, stay tuned.

  • Here are 3 new overlays for your favorite system. This time the 3 games are old shoot'em up.

    Gondomania (Data East):
    Gondomania 1080p overlay

    Stratovox (Taito):
    Stratovox 1080p overlay

    MagMax (Nichibutsu):
    MagMax 1080p overlay

    Enjoy ! Next week, three new overlays for your racing games.
    Stay tuned.

  • Do you like cars, or motorbikes ? Today there's new overlays for both. Let's see what we've got:

    Chase H.Q. (Taito):
    Chase H.Q. 1080p overlay

    Enduro Racer (Sega):
    Enduro Racer 1080p overlay

    Wec Le Mans 24 (Konami):
    Wec Le Mans 24 1080p overlay

    All are available for download here, or from my github repository. But, for an easy installation, use the rpie-art script tool from @meleu and select "nono6493 overlay repository".

    The collection is now counting 130 overlays. That's more than what I was expecting when I started. But it's not finished. So stay tuned.

  • @nono6493 said in 16:9 1080p Overlays : Season 2:

    The left bottom part of this overlay is not as good as I would have liked. To enhance it, I am looking for an High resolution CPO scan. If someone have, please contact me, or post it on this forum. Thank you.

    Before to propose you three new artworks, I have just posted an updated version of my Gunforce overlay. I have found the HD CPO that I was looking for. With it, the bottom left picture has been reworked for a better result. The snap on my previous post now shows the new version.

  • Here they are, the three new overlays of the week.

    Today, none of the posted artworks comes from me. Even if I have my (small) part, I want to thank @udb23, AlexDC22, Krakerman, @Orionsangel (I like very much his console overlays), and many others for there works...

    Varth: Operation Thunderstorm (Capcom):
    Varth 1080p overlay
    A previous post from @udb23, 100% reworked from the original arcade flyer.

    Alpha Mission (SNK):
    Alpha Mission 1080p overlay
    An overlay from AlexDC22, almost untouched except the logo and the borders to keep the collection's design.

    Scramble Spirits (Sega)
    Scramble Spirits 1080p overlay
    This game is almost unplayable on a raspberry pi 3b+. But on a PC or Odroid XU4, it's a very descent shoot'em up. The overlay was created by krakerman and inpired from the original cabinet's marquee.

    Next week, I will bring you more personnal artworks.
    So stay tuned.

  • Better late than never. This are the three new overlays of the week for your favorite retrogaming system. Three huge hits from my childhood.

    Gauntlet (Atari):
    Gauntlet 1080p overlay

    Gauntlet II (Atari):
    Gauntlet II 1080p overlay

    Super Pang (Mitchell):
    Super Pang 1080p overlay

    As usual, those artworks are available now for download from here, from my github repository or directly installable on your system with the help of the rpie-art script tool from @meleu.
    Next time, I will probably come with stuff for "Kawaii" games. So if you like them, stay tuned.

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