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Amiberry Slow on Raspberry Pi 4

  • Hi All,

    I recently bought a Raspberry PI 4, for emulating Amiga games, but I'm finding things a bit weird,

      • I'm using the latest emulator 2.25.
      • I'm using a Samsung 55" 4k TV for the RP4 so I'm not too sure if thats a reason also?
      • The emulator feels really slow, you have to hit the buttons several times to get things going.
      • The sound is all garbled, and the games run slower than normal.
      • I have put it in fullscreen mode.
      • I have created my own configurations but could not get RetroPie to use them instead of the RetroPie default configurations, so I saved over these.
      • I'm using ADF files not LHA as thats what I've got.

    I would really appreciate it if somebody could point me in the correct direction to fix these issues.

  • @Piggybank1974 As far as I know, there is currently no current support for Pi4 with the Retropie images available at the minute.

  • Thank you for your quick response, on this subject, after watching a ETA on youtube, he changed the platform to PI3 not sure of the constant name, as I'm on my PC writing this.

    I thought there may be ways around it, but after looking at the forums a bit, I see it looks like I newish architecture for the PI4 over the previous models, pitty I like RetroPie, tried DietPi, and got lost, and just started eating :).

    Anyways if it's not possible than thank you

  • Banned

    This post is deleted!

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