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Atomic Pi freezes when do basic install

  • Hi guys, I'm trying to install Retropie on an Atomic Pi, but it freezes when trying to perform basic install.

    I tried on ubuntu 18.04 and lubuntu 19.04, no success.
    Is there anything diferent from the wiki to do on atomic pi?

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    AFAIK, the Atomic PI is a regular x86 computer - so the instructions for Ubuntu (or derivates) should apply. You're already doing that, so there's nothing wrong in your set-up.
    What exactly does freeze mean ? Is the computer unresponsive completely or just the installation stops/hangs ? Are you able to access the computer via network/ssh when the freeze occurs ?

  • hi thanks for taking the time to help me out!
    I followed the regular install, as I've done several times on other PCs, but it completely freezes when compiling the basic install modules. I can't move the mouse, use keyboard, or get a response from the computer. Today I left it for more than 3 hours and the screen remained frozen on the same line as the terminal.

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