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Control volume through retroarch with keyboard.

  • I'm using the PIgrrl 2 and it's really cool the only thing I wish I could do is use the two unused buttons on the top left of the screen to control the volume, they go through the gpio pins as keyboard presses ( #3 key for the top button, and #2 key for bottom button)

    I tried editing the retroarch config file for volume up and down btn/key but nothing worked. What am i missing?

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    The volume settings you referenced are 'hotkeys' and generally work in conjunction with whatever button you have set to the 'Select' function. As such, you're top two buttons should work as long as you also press 'Select' at the same time.

  • I have a similar setup, I use some of the buttons on my arcade controller to change the volume + mute.
    This is the mixer volume, so not the retroarch specific sound level (if there is a difference).

    Anyways these are the notes I took when setting this up some time ago:

    Use triggerhappy to configure the keymappings, this works for keyboards as well as controllers and GPIO, I believe.

    set the deamon user to pi:
    $sudo nano /etc/init.d/triggerhappy
    and update the following line:
    DAEMON_ARGS="--daemon --triggers /etc/triggerhappy/triggers.d/ --socket /var/run/thd.socket --pidfile $PIDFILE --user pi /dev/input/event*"

    then, create config file:
    $sudo nano /etc/triggerhappy/triggers.d/volumectrl.conf

    KEY_VOLUMEDOWN  1       /usr/bin/amixer sset PCM,0 2dB-
    KEY_VOLUMEUP    1       /usr/bin/amixer sset PCM,0 2dB+
    KEY_MIN_INTERESTING     1       /usr/bin/amixer sset PCM,0 1+ toggle

    and restart the triggerhappy deamon with:
    $sudo invoke-rc.d triggerhappy restart
    $sudo service triggerhappy restart
    $sudo /etc/init.d/triggerhappy reload

    whatever... (I could not be bothered to figure out what the difference was).

  • Yes, the hotkeymapping for volume works in retroarch, I mapped them for my needs

    If I press select + joystick down for example, my volume goes dowm

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    @Zigurana's suggestion looks like a great solution.

    Ha! I just noticed your name. "You fight like a Dairy Farmer!"

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