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Changes in platforms.cfg

  • Hi

    I had a few Famicon games that I wanted to add to my NES library. I made the changes (added .fds to nes_exts) in platforms.cfg and everything worked out fine and I can see the Famicom games in the NES folder. Happy!

    Until I should update RetroPie script. I realise that the changed prevents the update from running and I don't want to commit the changes other than to my local setup.

    My Linux knowledge ends about here. Is there a way to commit the changes just for the local system and still be able to run RetroPie setup script? Or just fix this in any other way?


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    For the Famicon Disk System, there's a special folder fds.
    If you want to keep your own edits for the es_systems.cfg, then you can follow and create your own customized version in your home folder and add there your extensions.

    EDIT: or you can just .zip the .fds files - they would show up in the NES system.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Thanks, since I just have two games for Famicom I would like to read .fds files in the NES folder (since I use the same emulator anyway) rather than having a separate Famicom system.

    If it doesn't work adding fds as a supported file format in es_systems.cfg, I will just have to live with Famicom as a separate system in the menu as well!

    Thanks for quick reply!

  • @mitu That was a brilliant solution to use .zip! :)

    One problem less, many many thanks!

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