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Reicast UI Shows "Settings" "Join Discord" When Running Start Reicast

  • Long story short, I have no idea what this UI is. I think identifying this UI first is the first step in troubleshooting: [](link url)

    • Pi Model or other hardware: 3b+
    • Power Supply used: CanaKit's 2.5Amp MicroUSB
    • RetroPie Version Used: 4.5.1
    • Built From: Manual, from RetroPie site; md5: eb62ee88bf890e6d9ac9164bcb3e4a23
    • USB Devices connected: PS2 Dual Shock with a USB adapter from RadioShack
    • Controller used: PS2 Dual Shock with USB adapter, keyboard to set up ReiCast mappings (setting USB device to be used to value 0, my dual shock controller)
    • Error messages received: Not really error message, a UI that shows up that no one mentions, attached: [](link url)
    • Log found in /dev/shm/runcommand.log (if relevant): Not present; loaded the RetroPie on a linux machine to access the partition, navigated to media/pi/retropie/dev/shm and nothing is there.
    • Guide used: Mainly
      for ReiCast info. for RetroPie, for RetroPie.
    • File: I BELIEVE its the Reicast. But it could be the Bios. M:\retropie-mount\BIOS\dc\dc_boot.bin and dc_flash.bin
    • Emulator: ReiCast
    • Attachment of config files: Not sure what to add here.
    • How to replicate the problem:
      ** Install RetroPie (I assumed I did this correctly since I got to the image, console carousel)
      ** Enable USB transfer? The setting where you plug in a USB, have the RetroPie pull its files onto a USB stick, and have THAT as a Rom source instead of plugging in USB's, and having the Rom's transfer to the SD card automatically. I used this guide:
      ** Take USB out and place into computer
      ** Place properly matching md5 valued Dreamcast Bios and Flash into Bios folder named /dc
      ** Load ROM's (either in chd or gdi format, I had both to make sure it wasnt a game thing) to the /dreamcast folder that youll have to create in /Roms
      ** Plug USB into RetroPie and pull plug, and plug it back in to restart the whole thing
      ** Go to RetroPie, Settings, and enable the download/installation of ReiCast.
      ** Select pull from source, and have it connected to the internet before hand (see a bunch of code running, same as the tutorial video above about Reicast)
      ** Reset the device or reset emu station
      ** Run RetroPie, Reicast config for button mapping
      ** Go to Dreamcast console and select Start ReiCast
      ** See UI [](link url)

    Just got into RetroPie. Got the RetroPie up and had the consoles I wanted working (SNES, GBA, PS1, N64). Wanted to go down the Dreamcast route and followed the above steps. When I get to the whole "start the Dreamcast to set the time", I get this unknown UI. I cant navigate it, other than up and down, but pressing A/B/any button on my DualShock controller doesnt "press" anything. Cant go to settings. Cant reset either.

    Not sure if its a combination of the below problems:

    • Maybe enabling the USB setting where my RetroPie now reads USB as a rom source vs transferring ROMS is the issue, but I believe it shouldnt be since all other roms loaded work just fine
    • Maybe my button mapping isnt working, but in the UI I can move up and down, and if I directly load the game, I can interact with some prompts. But I cant actually start the game (like literally press Start). I can only interact with the preprompts, like check your Hz or "VMU's are initiated".
    • Maybe my Bios is wrong, but I checked the Retropie site and my Md5 values are correct.

  • Global Moderator

    I don't think there's any issue with the install - installing from source will get you a more recent version than the binary install and it has an extra button (the Join Discord...).
    However, recent versions have a problem with input handling and even with the right configuration it would just not accept the input.
    You can try with an older version of Reicast - see

  • @mitu

    I downloaded the older version of Reicast. Where exactly do I put the file?

  • Global Moderator

    Where exactly do I put the file?

    Reicast is installed in /opt/retropie/emulators/reicast, the binary should be /opt/retropie/emulators/reicast/bin/reicast.

  • @mitu said in Reicast UI Shows "Settings" "Join Discord" When Running Start Reicast:


    Hmm. I'm using WinSCP to move the old version of reicast to /opt/retropie/emulators/reicast and it says permission denied to overwrite it. It won't let me delete the files either. I have SSH enabled. Did i miss a step?


  • @mitu

    Think this may solve my issue...?

  • Global Moderator

    @nightbirdmedia said in Reicast UI Shows "Settings" "Join Discord" When Running Start Reicast:

    Think this may solve my issue...?

    You didn't say exactly what is your issue ?

  • My issue was that the WinSCP wouldn't give me permission to change anything. But that video helped me to gain permission.

    I'm still working on my main issue in getting Reicast to work properly. I had the same exactly issue as the ISeeTana and same hardware just the most recent Retropie version. I believe that everybody who has a new version of retropie will experience this issue with Dreamcast. It doesn't seem like it is anything our our end causing the problem.

    I will be getting a pre-loadedSD card in the mail today and will check to see if Reicast works properly and the input controls work too.

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