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Games Run But Can't Play...

  • Hi all

    New to Retropie but quite techy ability...

    Made The Wife a RetroPie in a MegaPi case as she always wanted a MegaDrive as a kid, but cheap ass parents got her the cheaper Master System instead, so I thought I'd treat her for her 40th.

    Anyway, I 'sourced' a load of ROMs, a 6666 in 1 collection of various platforms, and copied the lot across.

    Some games run, like Altered Beast....somewhat, anyway.....but others like Alien 3 and ECCO start just fine, but the game kind of plays itself for a bit, and then loops round, and none of the buttons work at all, ending up forcing a hard reset.

    Am I missing something? Do some ROMs just behave this way and are unplayable? ECCO in particular have an ! next to it, which I've learnt means its a good dump. Do I need to change the emulator for certain games? Is there more configuration I need to do?

    The controllers I've got (SNES wireless clones) all config fine, and work fine in the menu.

    Thanks in advance,


  • There are many garbage roms out there. Helping you find good illegal roms is against the forum rules. There's this thread that collects legal sources for roms, it has only one entry for the Mega Drive, though.

    As for checking roms for their "goodness", I'm using Romcenter with dat files from to keep only the best unmodified roms for a given system. You could do some research about both of them to get a working Mega Drive romset in the end.

  • I figured it out last night...the MegaPi case has two USB ports hidden away, and two that are pass thru for the front of the case. I had the receivers plugged into the hidden away ports, wanting to leave the exposed ports for the controller charge cables.

    I swapped the USB receivers into the front USB passthru ports, and everything works, so its a port assignments issue that you have to use specific USB ports for your controllers.

  • Glad that you got it fixed, and thanks for sharing your solution.

  • No-intro romsets is the best since those are unmodified and taken from a clean dump. They do not have anything else added to them that is not default in the original game.

    As @Clyde says You can use Romcenter or you can use Clrmamepro with the .dat files from no-intro website and then filter them out for 1G1R also known as 1 Game 1 Rom. This process is called (Parent-child).

    This will make sure that you don't get clones and only keep one game from one specific region. Ex. Sonic the Hedgehog (USA) instead of getting both Sonic the Hedgehog (USA) and Sonic the Hedgehog (JAP) in your Mega Drive collection.

    There are a couple of tutorials out there on the internet that you can use.

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