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  • Hello,

    Was interested in putting together a pie gaming system that is ready to and everything. I messed around with Mame in the past but not up to speed about everything involved.

    Found several retailers online and my favorite so far is a bar top by

    Can't seem to get a response from them or several others. Anyone familiar with them? Recommended systems From other vendors?

    Prefer all games prebibstalled. I'm lazy ...just want to buy one. Recent crackdown on roms? That would explain why I can't reach anyone.

  • @MikeM68 Hey Mike please see rule number one for these forums

    While we'd love to help you setup retropie, we can't discuss where to find ROMs or images that contain ROMs.

    I'll also add that retropie is offered as free software and the developers don't appreciate others selling it so I'm afraid you won't get much help here so far as preconfigured systems go. And even though I understand the reason why someone might want to buy a preconfigured retropie system, the truth is the "pre-loaded" or "pre-configured" systems basically mean that someone else has "pre-messed" everything up. They are a huge headache to troubleshoot and in the end are more of a hassle than building one yourself.

    If you need help getting started yourself then feel free to ask, there are a lot of very helpful people here.

  • @MikeM68 said in Plug and play systems. Recommendations?:

    Found several retailers online and my favorite so far is a bar top by

    Like so many others, they're violating Retropie's many noncommercial licenses by selling Retropie as part of their GUTS pack ("pre-flashed with attract mode/retropie").

    Like @quicksilver said, you'll get only support for the original RPie image here. So, I'd recommend shunning pre-built images and building your own system. In my experience, it's much more satisfying and you'll learn much in the process.

    edit: For the sake of completeness, this thread lists many legal sources for roms. Be sure to check the later posts as well as the opening post, since the latter hasn't been updated since Dec 2017.

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