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splash screen packages missing #splash screens

  • I have the Raspberry pi 4 b, running latest version of raspbian lite fresh install and update.
    I also am running the latest version of retropie. i did a binary install, then did "update all" from the setup screen after the installation.
    power supply is: Vilros Raspberry Pi 4 Power Supply

    Error i'm getting is: when i select the retropie menu and go down to "splashscreens", it tries to launch but then says no packages for rpi.

    so i went to the setup menu, under configure/tools and no splash screen options there, filtered through all options just in case. Then i went to manage packages (option 3, as the web page states to go) i looked through all options and the splash screen packages are missing.

    Is there any way i can download those packages to then configure, or am i SOL as i'm running a raspberry pi 4.

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    @jimmyjudd The Pi4 model is not yet fully supported by RetroPie, you'll have to wait until it's ready. The splashscreen is one of the modules that's currently not available for the Pi4.

  • I figured but wanted to double check if there was anything else i could download in the mean time. I wanted to avoid manual splash installs if I could help it. Thank you for the quick response and all you guys do!

  • @jimmyjudd Hi Jimmy, do you know how to do manual splash installs? If so, could you point me in the right direction?


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