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No main retropie menu.

  • I am a total noob.

    I have a 3B+ and managed to install raspberian. Then on a separate SD card I installed retropie. This all worked well. I then looked to connect via the wifi to add some ROMs. Watching many youtube videos I realised that the retropie menu is missing altogether. I have no options at all. It gets to the Emulation station where there is a menu, but I can not get the retropie menu no matter what.

    Using: cd RetroPie-setup
    sudo ./

    I set up the wi-fi and then tried to update the core packages. This took a while but nothing changed.

    I am at a loss, already. I've searched online but can find no mention of the same problem.

    I considered formatting the SD card and trying again, but having lost memory cards in Linux before I hesitate to try this.

    Any advice appreciated.

  • Could we get a little more info about your system as outlined

    Also for clarification do you mean the retropie menu that shows up in Emulation Station?

  • administrators

    @ricbritain if you are talking about the retropie menu in emulationstation then you need to install it from the setup script I think it might be under configuration/tools but I forget.

    Or you can just the retropie image which is already built on raspbian (sans desktop environment)

  • @ricbritain What Retropie menu are you referring to?

    If you mean Emulationstation loads but you do not see any emulators, only the Retropie Setup menu (Audio, Bluetooth, Wifi, etc) , then you have installed Retropie and need to add roms to the proper folders as described here:

    Emulators will not show up until you add roms to the proper folders.

    As someone asked previously, more info would really help if this is not the case.

  • Thanks for the replies.
    I found it at about just after midnight. it was there all along. I now have everything working and have even downloaded about 20 working games! Mainly Super Nintendo, but its a start. Thanks.

  • @ricbritain Just of curiosity, how did you miss it, and how did you finally find it?

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