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Can't find some games in list?

  • I have some games that aren't showing up in the game list, at least not under what I thought the name should be. Two that come to mind that I can't seem to locate, but now I'm sure there are others, are Rush'n Attack, and Rygar. I have two versions of Rygar, so I guess that are actually three missing games. Counting these three, I have 994 NES ROM files on my RetroPie. This matches the number of games listed under NES on the RetroPie menu, but when I try to find these, my R games end at Rumblestation 15 in 1. I have no idea where these three games are or why they would be missing from the list. All of my ROMs are named using the No Intro naming convention.

    Has anyone ever seen this before? Any ideas?


  • OK, I finally found them. I finally decided to search my gamelist.xml file and found that the name for Rygar was changed during my scraping process. The name is now Argos no Senshi. Likewise, Rush'n Attack is now Green Beret.

    I'm sure I can modify my gamelist file and rename them for my games list, but it seems strange that it is putting European and Japanese game titles for U.S. ROMs. Maybe it has something to do with the way I did my scraping. I makes me wonder how many others, possibly hundreds of ROMs have the same issue.

  • My thought would be the es_systems.cfgnot having the necessary file format. Assuming this is NES?

    Edit: Oops. You just beat me. Haha. Glad you got it solved!

  • Sometimes roms can come back with multiple possibilities while being scraped. Scrapers like Skyscraper for example, will usually pick what it thinks is the best match. I believe you can use scrape by checksum to ensure scraping accuracy.

    You can always delete the gamelist.xml and re-scrape your roms.

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