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Easier Hotkey for ES Exit?

  • Currently my Emulation Station build defaults to the hotkey+start command to close Retroarch and return to the Emulation Station select screen. I want to make it more kid friendly, so is there a way to remove the double command, and just allow it to close upon a single button press of the hotkey? I have that set to a separate function key, which I want people to just single press to return to the menu. Can't find anything in the menus/configs for this.

  • Yup, I have a rather dirty solution for you, but it works perfectly. I do this for my Xbox One controllers so the 'Home' button (The big 'x') exits the emulators with a single button. After you are finished configuring everything in your emulators to your satisfaction, edit your retroarch.cfg and modify your hotkey button to the same value as the exit button. (See below, where 5 would equal the value of the button you want to use for exiting)

    Keep in mind that this will also essentially lock out any menu access, since that one button will immediately kick you back to ES. If you need to get back into the menu or access other hotkeys, this will not work until you go back into the file and restore the value, so make sure you back up and keep a copy of your retroarch.cfg.

    input_enable_hotkey_btn = "5"
    input_exit_emulator_btn = "5"

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    @AlphaBetaPie Can you give more details about your controller/gamepad ? You can disable the Hotkey altogether by editing the configuration file for the gamepad, but as @theretroprince said, that would disable also other Hotkey-related functions (like opening the RGUI).

  • I have an 8Bit Duo, and I did figure it out. Just assign the hot key and exit key to same home button. So that works with single press now. Then set up separate hot key/menu load for my keyboard, and can still access menus. So all good!

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