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The Bezel Project: Rom names - multi region issue?

  • Pi 3 Model B+
    RetroPie 4.5.2
    SanDisk 64GB SD card

    For some systems game specific bezels only appear in certain games, other games within the same system just have the generic system bezel.
    System: SNES / Game: Super Mario Kart

    All roms are from a No-Intro Rom Set, so Rom files are named properly but somehow after installing the bezels for SNES the files are named:

    Super Mario Kart (USA).png
    Super Mario Kart (USA).cfg

    even though the actual rom file's name is: Super Mario Kart (Europe).zip

    Since there are a lot of games which are multi-regional (USA, Europe, Japan etc.) in my SNES folder there are games from different regions as well. Only one version per game but different regions overall (like Super Mario Kart (Europe).zip and Super R-Type (USA).zip). My understanding is that thebezelproject can handle different versions of games as long as they have the No-Intro naming convention.
    If that's correct- why does it name some bezel files incorrectly / differing from the actual rom file name?

    (When swapping the rom file from Super Mario Kart (Europe).zip to Super Mario Kart (USA).zip the correct specific bezel appears but this is no universal solution because that would mean going through thousands of roms in several systems and swap them manually)

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    Which bezels did you install ? RetroPie doesn't come with any bezels.

  • @mitu said in The Bezel Project: Rom names - multi region issue?:

    Which bezels did you install ? RetroPie doesn't come with any bezels.

    TheBezelProject following this installation guide.

    Then from the new menu entry in ES/ Retropie -> I installed 'theme style bezel packs' for the systems that are supported (SNES amongst many others).

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    @timmay Then it's a Bezel project's limitation. They don't provide bezels for any game AND regions. For instance, in your case, they don't provide a bezel for Super Mario Kart (Europe), only for the USA variant -

    Note that the installation just copies the necessary configuration around, it doesn't touch or inspect your ROMs to create the necessary bezel configuration files.

  • Hmkay. I thought it would support nearly any game, also different regions/versions -especially with a popular game like Mario Kart- as long as it's from a No-Intro rom set.
    Well, thanks anyway for the quick support, appreciated!

  • While the Bezel Project does use the No-Intro naming convention ... it is also based upon the Hyperspin XML database files.

    The Hyperspin XML files are used to know which config/png files to create.

    The current Hyperspin SNES XML file only lists "Mario Kart (USA)" as the game name ... that's why your (Europe) one didn't show up.

    As Mitu said, the Bezel Project is not a scraper/filename matcher ... it just copies the configuration/png files into the appropriate folder locations.

  • Yes, after comparing the SNES bezels *.png names with all SNES roms and swapping the roms with the correct versions I also realized the bezels are about 95% for USA versions and rarely for Europe or Japan versions of games.

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