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1, 2, or 4 gb?

  • Does the user experience get better, with the 4 gb version of the Raspberry Pi 4?

  • Likely not on RetroPie. I bought the RPi 4 4GB and the EmulationStation menu is much more responsive, but I'm not sure if that's the extra GPU/CPU or the RAM. Seems like 1 GB would cut it, 2 would be more than enough to cover everything, and 4 would be overkill.

    I think even Dreamcast emulation only uses 500MB of RAM. If you are a desktop type user you may notice an improvement.

  • I second that. If it's purely for emulation 1GB is probably enough for everything the RPi4 can handle. Even the Dreamcast only has about 32 MB or memory if you put it all together (sysmem, videomem, audiomem). Then add some overhead from the OS and Emulationstation and the emulator itself. 1GB seems like a lot still.

  • I went with the 2gb. I don't see any reason to need any more ram than 1gb though, honestly unless you plan on booting into desktop mode or having it run processes in the background.

    I figured the money I saved not getting the 4gb could go towards accessories or another Pi 4 board.

  • I bought the 4gb model white official kit from Black Friday. It didn't cost me more than my first Raspberry Pi 3B official kit. Since i compile a lot and create scriptmodules for RetroPie I wanted the 4gb model to use for developing.

    The kit was bought from a german seller on Ebay for 75,92 EUR:
    1 x official Raspberry Pi 4B 4GB Board
    1 x official Raspberry Pi USB-C power supply 5.1V / 3.0A, EU, white
    1 x official Raspberry Pi 4 Micro HDMI cable, white, 1.0m
    1 x official case for Raspberry Pi 4, red / white

    At the moment it runs a stable Lakka release on a Kingston Canvas Select 128 GB Micro SD card and i tried Super Mario All-Stars. It runs great.

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