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Raspbian Stretch or wait for Raspbian Buster for Pi2/3?

  • Hi all, I’m planning to upgrade the kids raspberry. I understand that the current RetroPie (4.5.1) is based on Stretch. Since I’m not in a real rush to upgrade the Pi, I’m wondering if I should upgrade the system now and go to 4.5.1, or should I wait until Buster is incorporated in RetroPie. Currently I’m still running Jessie on that system so I have to do a clean install.
    I know the team is working hard on getting everything sorted for the Pi4, and just to be clear I’m not asking for when this will be done, as it will be ready when it’s ready. What I am asking more to the point is will the RetroPie package for the Pi4 be separate from the Pi2/3 package and will the Pi2/3 stay on Stretch, or will everything migrate to Buster? If it does migrate to Buster, will we be able to do an upgrade from Stretch to Buster, or will a clean install be required, similar to the change from Jessie to Stretch? I just don’t want to waste my time setting everything up on 4.5.1 and then a few months later have to do it all over again as RetroPie has moved to Buster and you need to do a clean install as you can’t upgrade.

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    @Evert we are switching to buster but will support stretch for a bit - we have to move as upstream is not really supporting stretch now. You can try a buster image from our weekly builds. May not work as I've not tested yet. Some things may not work still. (not for rpi4). Rpi4 will have a separate image.

    I updated my stretch to buster but we recommend a fresh install. If the image above works, it should be fine to update later. Looking at filesizes I think the 0/1 image is probably broken. This is an automated build thing and I've not tested its produce for a while.

    Manual install on buster lite works for rpi2/3 if the image doesn't.

  • Thanks @BuZz

    I might hold of a bit longer then. As I mentioned, I'm in no real rush and the kids still have the arcade the play on.

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