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RetroArch control don't match to EmulationStation any more

  • On RetroPie 4.5.3, I opened configuration menu, while playing Doom and selected Configuration File -> Reset To Defaults. Now Control in game don't match at all to EmulationStation control.

  • Global Moderator

    I'd say it's normal, since that's what a reset does - erases any prior configuration and sets the RetroArch defaults.

  • How to revert control to original state (like in EmulationStation)? Changing main retroarch.cfg doesn't help.

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    Delete the /opt/retropie/configs/ports/doom/retroarch.cfg file and then re-install lr-prboom, it will re-generate the configuration file for RetroArch and include the global key bindings.

  • Main control works as it should. But, it seems, that now ESC works as exit from RetroArch globally (I reinstalled it and reverted global retroarch.cfg). It wasn't so before and I used ESC as EmulationStation hotkey. Somehow RetroArch hotkeys override EmulationStation control. I have looked on the other RetroPie in retroarch.cfg and there are also uncommented RetroArch hotkeys but they are inactive anyway (for example, there is Enter as exit key in retroarch.cfg, but I configured Enter as start in EmulationStation and everything works fine in RetroArch).

  • I have reset EmulationStation input configuration (Retropie Setup -> Configuration / tools -> emulationstation -> Clear / Reset Emulation Station input configuration), after all previous actions and everything now works as after fresh install.

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