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uae4arm in 4.5.5

  • Hi, I'm new to a lot of this, so please bear with me. I'm running version 4.5.5 of RetroPieSetup Script on a PC with Ubuntu 18.04.03 as my operating system. I have mastered most of the emulators, however the one I'm struggling with is for the Amiga. I am using FS-UAE in the experimental list at the moment, but the suggestion is uae4arm is much better especially for multidisk games....however it doesn't appear in the lists.

    Has the uae4arm been removed (as uae4all has been previously). please can anyone suggest a better way playing multi-disk games...

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • administrators

    @noddingdonkeys uae4arm is for arm based systems. It's not available for x86. Btw Amiberry is a better emulator for arm.

    Fs-uae works best on a pc.

    If you're having issues please detail your setup and the problem. Whdload is the best way of running multi disk games.

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