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PS1 Saved Game off MC to SRM File

  • Hello,

    I have recovered my old PS1 memory cards and can get the game data onto a USB drive using a PS2 with FMCB.

    It does not have a file extension but it looks like it is a binary file. I have tried to use Memcardrex and MemManager but cannot get them to read this file.

    I really want to be able to get my Gran Turismo 2 saved game and play it on my retropie.

    I have tried to search but they all I can find looks as if it comes from a copied MC rather than just the game data.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance.

    Thanks, Gareth
    p.s this is my first post but I really enjoy the retropie.

  • I ended up working it out myself.

    In MemcardRex under Edit >> Import save, this uploaded the game file.
    Then once I clicked on the game file again under Edit I Export save to an mcs file.

    The mcs has to then be converted to an mcr file which I did using this website

    Then just renamed the mcs file to be an srm as per this guide

    I am stoked to have got it to work and hopegulyl if anyone stumbles across this it may help.

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