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OpenMW RPi4

  • Did anyone try compiling OpenMW for the RPi4 yet?
    I did try but never succeeded, I thought maybe someone else tried it already.

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    What is OpenMW ?

  • Sorry, I should not assume everyone knows.
    Open Morrowind.

  • I actually managed to build it. Don't have time to do any testing today, but no compile errors it seems.
    Will update with some tests when I have the time.

  • It seems like OpenMW requires xserver to run and the pixel desktop doesn't seem to work out of the box on RPi4 yet, so I will postpone the testing for now since I don't have the spare time.

  • I love Morrowind, the magic system is was so deep. Almost 20 years later and it's still the best magic system in a Bethesda game.

    I haven't kept up with OpenMW, is playing the game with gamepads viable now?

  • @langest Open Morrowind works nicely on the Pi4 through the pixel desktop, averaging around 20-25 fps. Its not an easy one to get working though. It depends on a package called OpenSceneGraph, which is in the raspbian packages, but it only compiled with GLES support. To get openmorrowind running you have to compile and install OSG 3.41 or higher with GL support. It also does not support hardware texture compression on the pi, so has to be launched with the environment variable OPENMW_DECOMPRESS_TEXTURES=TRUE

  • @AmigaGamer are you able to give me specific instructions on how to get it running I have retropie set up on my pi 4 with xfce and want to get openmw working finally got devilitionx working in ports menu if you can't tell me specifically what you did can I at least get help with the open graphs and that specific flag about decompression thanks

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