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Blueprint theme

  • Currently a work in progress. I don't have much free time, and it takes a while to find/create the patent drawings for each console. Still unsure what I want to do with the gameslist view, but it's a start for now.

  • @sapient254 love this... Great Work and what an Awesome Idea!

  • A good place to locate the patents is on Etsy, a lot of reproductions on there (I know, I been listing some).

    Can find the patent number on a lot of them, then just search the website by number.

    Hard to find a few popular systems, I'm drawing blanks with the master system, CPC 464, and Commodore 64 (A lot list a Commodore Max as a C64, but that's just wrong).

    I know there is definitely a ZX81 Spectrum, 48K Spectrum, NES, Mega Drive/Genesis, European Snes, Dreamcast, Gamecube, PS1 out there.

    Fairly sure I have seen the Game Gear and Lynx as well.

  • @Super-Retropie hey thanks!

  • @MadRikXIV I didn't even consider Etsy. That's a good idea, thanks! I've been using that official patent site (as well as the Google patent search which is surprisingly good). I'll probably stick with popular systems for now, as I'm sure they'll be the easiest.

  • So this is pretty awesome. I hope you keep working on it. Maybe for the gamelist view you could use a blueprint of the cartridge patent for the applicable systems? Perhaps a circuit board?

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    @sapient254 this is pretty neat!

  • I'm doing the same kind of theme currently but for crt friendly display (very light ) :) . But I can't garantee the publishing for the moment because I use some artist works that need approval for sharing outside my personnal use. I complete with mine too, yes it's a long work.
    Make sure you can use the drawings you find (if it's for community) because I have saw some beautiful blueprints style artworks of console but copyrighted and used in books or commercial merchandising.

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