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MAME ROW #155 - 1943 - The Battle of Midway

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    Got by the first level with 74000:


  • 1943-200202-005801.png

    I'm submitting the 556k score, not the 2 million. That was the result of autofire/save state continuation. In my glory days I have cleared this game on one play. I'll keep trying.

    I almost always stick to 3-way fire and only use another weapon if forced to. The 5th boss (Fuso) is an exception, you need to big shells for that one. You might also want to switch to the machine gun to cycle a powerup into a fuel tank. To do this you must concentrate auto fire onto the powerup when it appears at the top of the screen and cycle through all the weapons twice. After the 2nd cycle it will turn into an energy tank. You only have time to do this if the powerup appears at the very top of the screen, and you need to use the machine gun to do it.

    Always be firing and moving around even if there does not appear to be anything to shoot. There are many invisible bonuses. You can tell if you found one by the sound of your shots and if those shots stop when it appears there is nothing for them to hit. Always shoot at ships when you are above them before the descent into the boss battle, often one of them will cough up a bonus. Some of the bonuses are random, and some will always be in the same place.

    Use your tsunami frequently, it consumes a relatively small amount of energy compared to running into a plane. The best time to do this is when you have cycled a powerup into the weapon you want to grab. It removes all the fire from the screen and gives you time to grab the powerup weapon without having to shoot and risk cycling it into something you don't want. Many of the bosses, particularly the first one, will crowd you into a corner and you need to keep it under constant tsunami, consuming 2 or 3 at the end of the battle.

    Stay in the center of the screen whenever possible as planes will come up from the bottom and try and fly up your backside. This is a significant problem after the 5th round, entire squadrons will come from behind in a semicircle and try to surround you from behind. Remember you have two loops per round. To avoid the mob you need to move down toward them and use your loop right before they hit you so you will wind up on the underside of them.

    EDIT: I'd like to add that you shouldn't bother using the Shot Gun. Its fire rate isn't fast enough to clear enough bullets from your path and its short range makes it weak offensively.

  • BTW, how can I annihilate 1943 but suck majorly at 1942? I never could do well at that game. I'm also giving Defender a good try, but can't break 20k. I'll post a score if I manage, but don't hold your breath, that game is insane hard.

  • The 2 weeks cycle on games selection is totally welcome. Today I had my first shot on this game.

    @VictimRLSH I think your score is out of this world. Really good one, my respect.
    @mitu Hey, your score is a bit easier, so I take this one to beat. :D (nothing personal) … and voilá.

    Score: 115700


  • Phone on my camera isnt working these days so I can't post a pic easily but I just got 137200. Thats about the best I could do, can't make it past the 2nd stage boss.

  • @quicksilver use 3way and focus on the plane elevators. The side guns will die quick enough, you need to get rid of those planes ASAP. There is a 2nd elevator at the front. It is actually a bit easier since you have more time to kill it.

  • MAME ROW #156 is now live!

  • Oh damnit, its already 2 weeks over.

  • Got pathetic 18k on Defender.

  • Edit: oops, it was the wrong score and screenshot. corrected it now.
    I was still trying this game, before going over to next weeks game. I just discovered the other guns have "bombs" and not just this "useless" evasion move. I finally managed to kill all enemies in first level, 100% clear rate and beat my personal score quickly by a little bit. @VictimRLSH your score is still insane.

    Score: 133200


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