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[Theme] switchOS for Pegasus

  • This is the initial release of my Switch frontend for Pegasus. The goal is to recreate the Nintendo Switch user experience as closely as possible.

    alt text

    alt text

    This is just the initial release. It is still missing many features including a proper audio pass, settings, and minor animations that add up to making the Switch OS feel special. These will come in time.

    Updated with platform images courtesy of @lilbud

    Download from GitHub


    • Added proper support for variable aspect ratios without decreasing size. Now properly supports 4:3 aspect ratios and should look correct on smaller screens
    • Added logos or collection text for missing eslogos
    • Fixed issue with navigation audio

  • @PlayingKarrde Bruh
    In all honesty, it looks awesome. I've been wanting to do this, but I haven't been able to wrap my head around qt

  • Why do not you work together to further improve it?

  • It looks damn cool!
    How did you scrape? The logo+screenshot looks great for arcade, but in regular console games I'd prefer boxart, the way it also look on the Switch.

    Is it possible to run this theme on 4:3 monitors?

  • That is my favourite theme. I think I will switch to pegasus now. I was also curious about the scraped images, is there a built in scraper at work here?

    And I think we have all had this idea since the RPI4 was revealed, using two screens for DS.

  • Personally I'm using LaunchBox integration for my scraping needs.

    @AndersHP I'm not sure what you mean about the way console games look on Switch. All games use a square image that consists of some art and the logo. No boxart.

    Also yes this should work perfectly with 4:3 monitors no problem.

  • @PlayingKarrde
    Can you elaborate exactly how you scrape?
    Install LaunchBox on pc and scrape that way? Is it faster/better than, say, Universal XML Scraper?

  • @AndersHP Sure I just having LaunchBox installed and scrape my games through that as normal (there are youtube tutorials if you can't work it out but it's pretty easy) then in Pegasus under sources I select Launchbox and disable the others and it's good to go.

    It's much easier than manual scrapers like the one you mentioned and you will get all the media that you need.

  • @PlayingKarrde
    But does that mean that your media is located on your pc/network? Or do you copy the media onto the pi afterwards?

  • playingkarde primarily themes for the pc based version of retropie i do beleve correct me if im wrong granted gameos and switchos does run on the pi but at a reduced capacity gameos for instance has quite abit of lag on large game lsits on anything pi3 or below

    its running pretty well on the pi 4 though

    i personally use skraper myself when scraping assets for pegasus-fe you can set it up how you like and it will put them all in a folder on your pi for you used it for grabbing all the assets for gameos including videos

  • Love this theme especially since it does submenus... But what "asset." are you using for the games thumbnails?

    I've scraped from launchbox, ES, I've even added manually to the metadata.txt in the dirs but I can't figure out what asset you're using in the video. It auto generated the ones for Steam (whatever dir those images landed in) but not LB.

    It looks like it's assets.logo over assets.screenshot?

  • @Darien Right yes it uses the clear logo and screenshot for the images. You may need to use a different scraper if ES isn't grabbing them. I don't have a pi set up so haven't been able to test on that specifically unfortunately. I thought ES scrapes those (definitely the screenshot at least) though no?

  • @AndersHP Right sorry I thought you meant PC. I haven't tried on the pi but someone did write a script to export for pegasus from LaunchBox that you should be able to just copy across to your pi set up with this method.

  • @PlayingKarrde shhh don't tell anyone I'm also using PC.

    Since it didn't scrape LB I'm trying to get it to load the images manually. I'll add assets.clearlogo and assets.screenshot to my metadata.txt (which is working for other themes I'm just missing whatever asset you're calling in the qml) see if that fixes it.

  • @Darien Anyone out there doing MANUAL scraping like me from Emumovies or whatever It uses the Clear Logo and Screenshot-gameplay assets. I believe as assets.logo & assets.screenshot .. I'm setting this up from my desktop then copying to my HTPC. (you'd be surprised how much I hate launchbox)

  • @Darien Have you looked at this?

    screenshot and logo should be all you need for this theme. If it's set up with this folder structure you shouldn't need to add the assets to your metadata. Also make sure you have the correct sources set within Pegasus.

  • @PlayingKarrde

    Hey, this looks so awesome. Is it possible to bring it to 4:3

  • @retroplayer have you tried it and it doesn't work? In theory it should work fine on 4:3 as well

  • alt text

    Updated with platform images courtesy of @lilbud

  • @PlayingKarrde, love the theme and gameOS. I've been playing around with the Switch one to teach myself QML. I noticed that setting up a "Favorites" collection in Pegasus doesn't seem that straight forward using the base theme. I've been trying to do it in the switch theme using some of your gameOS code, but to no avail. Any chance you are planning to add this at some point?

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