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  • Re: [TUTORIAL]How to add draStic ds emulator and configure it and add ROMS with RetroPie-Manager

    So after I hit M, the menu comes up but I can’t scroll on my keyboard. I’ve literally tried every key and only enter and escape do anything. Why would this be? Is something wrong with the default config file, or is there a fresh copy I can find somewhere to make sure?

    Otherwise, is there a way to find what numbers are assigned to my keys? I’m using a Buffalo style controller. Event_diag works great for Intellivision key mapping, but that wouldn’t apply in this case. Anything similar for this emulator or am I stuck guessing or figuring out how to use the in game menu?

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    I don't think the controls can be customized, the readme states:

    D-pad: Navigate cursor
    B button: Select option
    X button: Cancel/exit menu
    Y button: Switch display mode in file browser
    A button: Move up directory in file browser
    L shoulder: Page up in file browser
    R shoulder: Page down in file browser

    D-pad: Nintendo DS d-pad
    A button: Nintendo DS Y button
    B button: Nintendo DS A button
    X button: Nintendo DS B button
    Y button: Nintendo DS X button
    L shoulder: Nintendo DS L shoulder
    R shoulder: Nintendo DS R shoulder
    Start or enter key: Nintendo DS start button
    Select: Nintendo DS select button

    Escape key: Exit emulator
    S or 1 key: Save savestate to slot 0
    L or 2 key: Load savestate from slot 0
    Z key: Switch horizontal/vertical orientation
    X key: Swap screens (useful in single-screen mode)
    C key: Switch single/double screen display
    F key: Toggle fast-forward
    M, enter, or space key: Enter menu
    Shift + M, enter, or space key: Enter file menu directly

  • I'll have to check tonight but I'm fairly sure there's a function inside the drastic menus that lets you code the menu's key presses as well as on the games itself.

    So if you've got a keyboard around, you can use it once to set things up on drastic, save the configuration and then just use the controller.

  • On the Raspberry Pi 4 Drastic has a nasty bug. The menue has one frame delay.

  • weirdly, the left joystick (I have two arcade joysticks and button sets, plus a SNES style iNNext controller) controls the stylus but won't move the menu cursor. Nothing does -- not on the keyboard, not on any of my 3 existing controllers (which all work as expected in Arcade and NES/SNES games). I'm stuck on "Change Options" and then "Frame skip type" when I hit enter.

  • I've had the same issue, just never made a thread about it.

    I just stopped playing DS games for the time being.

    I also have never tried retroarch cores for DS so I have no idea how well they work.

  • Then this is probably a bug. I guess that's why it's listed under "experimental" -- hopefully an update comes out that lets you actually navigate through the menu options in RetroPie.

  • I believe other updates have been released but for some reason, the RP team has confined it to the version we have currently, 2.04 I believe, despite being given the OK to use it.

  • @mat This is incorrect. See here:

    This is the latest version available for raspberry pi.

  • Yeah, I have with an rpi 3. I can operate the game itself in Drastic, just not the cursor in the menu. :(

  • I had 2.04 on the mind, but that is the one I was thinking of. I just forgot the 5.

    You can see on the drastic messageboard newer releases.

  • I saw RP 4.6 was released and it lists Drastic as compatible, isn't that the same version this thread discussed & honestly doesn't work well in Raspberry Pi 4 and setting up the controller using the keyboard?

  • @mat Drastic is a closed source emulator. No other/newer versions have been made available by the drastic devs. If you have issues with that you should take it up with them, though I dont think it will do any good. The main Drastic dev stated that he will make Drastic open source at some point this year but as far as I know that hasnt happened.

  • I see on the Drastic board there is a, how come that can't be added to retropie since permission was given on the earlier release, wouldn't it work for also?

    Can someone ask or test it maybe?

  • @mat as I said earlier, it's a closed source emulator. This means we don't have access to the source files to build newer versions for raspberry pi. The drastic forums are all but dead so you are unlikely to get a response there, but feel free to try. If/when drastic goes open source then we might be able to build it for raspberry pi. But for now there isn't much we can do but wait.

  • Forums seem active to me:

    But I understand & someone else made a topic with the same question as this thread, no replies though.

  • @mat said in Drastic config menu, cannot scroll:

    Forums seem active to me:

    3-5 new topics a month is not an active forum. The last posts by xperia64 or exophase (drastic devs) were at least a month or two ago last I checked.

  • Hi all,
    I made Drastic configuration file for XBox 360 controller. Dpad is used for configuring screens, left analog is direction, right analog is
    for controlling NDS pen. R3 is pen click. RT is for exiting game.
    If anyone is interested you can download it here :

  • @draxd

    Hi, Can you give some pointers on how you did it?
    I would like to do the same for a ps4 controller.
    I tried editing the config file but I can't figure out the bindings (number) of my controllers buttons. I checked the emulstation config file for the bindings but they're not the same?

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