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Can someone help me with SSH?

  • I am setting up a Pi 0 W with no HDMI adapter. I need a way into my Pi to download the drivers for a screen I bought. Can someone help me with PuTTy? It keeps saying: raspberrypi: hostname not found. If I can't get an answer for that, then does anyone know how to install LCD-show without accessing the Pi? Thanks in advance.

  • The user name is pi and the password is raspberry

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    Did you configure the network on the PI ? Did you enable SSH ?
    Are you using a RetroPie image or a Raspbian image ? The hostname for RetroPie's image is retropie (not raspberrypi), but the user/hostname should be identical (as @KN4THX mentioned).

  • How are you configuring it and connecting to it right now?
    Without being able to connect a keyboard and screen, the OS won't be able to connect to your network, unless you can mount the sd card image, and manually configure the wifi connection.
    To do this, you have to modify /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf
    Mine looks like this:
    ctrl_interface=DIR=/var/run/wpa_supplicant GROUP=netdev


    Then when the pi boots, it should auto-connect.
    Before turning the pi on, connect to your wifi router, and look for connected devices. Make a note of all the IP address
    Turn the pi on, wait one or two minutes, and refresh the connected devices list.
    If the pi is online, it will have a new entry, with a new ip address.
    Then you can use putty to ssh to that IP address.

    If your router allows static IP assignments, then you can configure it to assign an address outside the dynamic ip range to the pi, so it always has the same address whenever it reboots.

  • Nevermind. Got this set up with an image from LCD-wiki. By the way, whenever I enter a game on it that isn't NES, it asks for the "retropie login." I'm using the 0 as a portable so I'm not going to be able to type this in EVERY TIME I want to switch games. I have tried messing with Raspi-Config but that requires a passcode too! I don't have a keyboard either.

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    @IceChes1 Ask the image author(s) about this - doesn't seem like it's a standard RetroPie image as far as launching games is concerned.

  • I don't know the author. I am planning to use this build I have as a temporary until I get my keyboard in the mail. BTW how are you always on here? You give replies 24/7! XD

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