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Locked out of Retropie

  • I just downloaded and installed a splash screen video for the first time and reset the system. Upon booting up the splash screen played but then take me straight to the command prompt and I’m unable to even type. The error displayed is:

    "lvl0: Error creating SDL window!
    Could not create GLES window
    lvl0: Renderer failed to initialize!
    lvl0: Window failed to initialize!"

    Running a Pi 3 with 4.3.8

  • Global Moderator

    @MDtar7 Why are you using such an old release ? Did you do any modifications to the /boot/config.txt file (enabling the experimental GL driver, by any chance) ?
    Please add more info about your system, as detailed in


    All I had to do was delete my recently uploaded splash screens through samba and reboot.. I guess you need to save video splash screen files a certain (unknown) way before you transfer

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