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  • Things are obviously really crazy in the world right now. Without getting into all the details, I'd like to share my appreciation to the team who has built one hell of a project. I was a little late to the party in 2017 when I finally decided to check out this work. I purchased my first Pi (a 3B+) and fell in love with the RetroPie package. Seamlessly integrating RetroArch + EmulationStation along with killer ports, theming, scrapers and tools -- it's absorbed a significant amount of my time and stretched me to learn Unix fundamentals.

    Just wanted to send out a huge thank you to this talented and dedicated team and also to the community for helping me continue to build my dream system leveraging RetroPie. It's been a fantastic distraction over the last few years and especially today.

    Thank you!
    Stay safe. Live well.

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    @roslof thanks!

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