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  • Stupid question here, but is it possible at all to use a desktop wallpaper as a background to your games so that no matter what type of game you start, be it horizontal or vertical or handheld or what have you, the background would be the same? I kinda think this could be good and spare me having to mess about too much with the right size bezels for the various systems and games that have differing screen shapes.

    You're all gonna tell me no, aren't you? Lol! Thought I'd ask anyway.

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    @Ranma said in Wallpaper as a bezel replacement?:

    You're all gonna tell me no, aren't you? Lol! Thought I'd ask anyway.

    What you're asking is more akin to a 'backdrop' type bezel.

    I think at some point this was added to RetroArch in the form of MAME layout support (see here for a lengthy discussion on this topic), but it hasn't been publicized too much.

    I'm not sure if that's included by default in RetroArch (or has to be enabled through a compilations switch), but I guess you could devise/find an .lay file that provides a backdrop to all games.

  • Sorry for late reply. Yes that kinda looks like it, but not transparent and for all systems. I suppose it could be worth asking over on the Retroarch forum you think? Thanks again Mitu.

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