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strange wifi issues on pi 3b+

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    I got myself a bigger sd card so i updated my pi. The wifi wasnt working at all. I tried installing 3 times. Im not particularly sure why this happened but the reason i couldnt change the country with raspi-config was for some off reason when my wpa_supplicant config file set my wifi to wep instead of wpa. I just edited it by hand and its all good now. Is there any chance we can specify what security we are using in the wifi menu?

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    There's no GUI where you could set advanced options for WiFi (either throughraspi-config or the desktop applet that configures the radio). The only option is via the configuration file (wpa_supplication.conf, the key_mgmt option).

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    I have a theory why this happened I had my channel width set to vht80 my 5g wasnt showing up either. It shows up now after changing it.

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