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Retroarch doesn't load...

  • Hello all. Please bear with me as this is mostly foreign to me. Upon starting up my system I no longer get the RetroArch. (I think) I just received the system 2 days ago.
    The 1st boot up went fine and I had all the tiles for different systems sorted out nicely, but now I am having a few issues that I was hoping to get a little help with.

    1. The controller was not configured properly on the 1st login so I would like to do that over. The down button doesn't work properly. Instead of just holding it down and the character moving down , you have to tap it time after time to get the character to move.

    2. GetRetroArch to load properly again so I can get the systems sorted properly instead of all the thousands of games on one screen.

    3. I have no access to any options menu anymore. the 1st boot had a massive options screen now all I have is this:
      Screen Shot 2020-04-24 at 3.40.31 PM.png

    4. There are times mid-game where the system just resets. Also, when I am in a game I have no option to get back to the main screen and select a new game to play. I have to turn the power off and power it back on.

    Sorry for all the questions. hopefully someone is patient enough to help me and my son out.

    Thank you!

  • @hockyguy1980 Hi there, welcome to the forum. In order to provide help, please post your system details as requested in, in particular point 5. When you say that you took delivery of a "system" do you mean a system with roms? If so, you have been scammed. Retropie is free! The only person who can help you is the scammer. Nobody can predict how a 3rd party install is configured you see.

  • @rbaker thanks for the reply.
    My son found this online as a facebook ad. Now even saying the makes me cringe...


  • @hockyguy1980 You got ripped off. Retropie is free and it's illegal to sell. You can start over with the official image to get help or you'll have to ask the scumbag seller that sold it to you.

  • @Darksavior well considering it came from Hong Kong, I don't think they give 2 shits about it being illegal. LOL. Thanks for letting me know. I guess we will just have to use it the way it is and hope for the best.

    Also, Are you saying that I could do this myself for free and get all these games?

  • Global Moderator

    @hockyguy1980 said in Retroarch doesn't load...:

    Also, Are you saying that I could do this myself for free and get all these games?

    Installing the RetroPie image from will not get you any games, the image we distribute doesn't come with any games.

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