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BeetlePSX_HW 1.8.5 Windows 10 configuration help

  • Hi there! I'm running retroarch (retroarch and cores updated) in Windows 10 64 bit on a pretty old but still capable laptop.

    Its specs:

    • Intel Core i7 2860qm 2,5 - 3.4 GHz (all cores)

    • 8 GB DDR3 dual channel ram

    • 128 GB sata3 SSD

    • Nvidia GT540M 1 GB (latest official drivers availble, no mods)

    I can play gamecube, dolphin, N64, some Wii U, Redream at 720p at 60 pretty much stable FPS. I can also run some less demanding PS2 games and I was even able to run Worms on RPCS3. I have correctly set my Nvidia drivers to use the Nvidia GPU and not the intel integrated graphic (checked with the Nvidia built-in tool).

    What I cannot do is to make my PS1 games with Beetle PSX HW run at 720p at 60 FPS.

    It would be awesome if I could run them at 1080p but I don't think that my "GPU" is powerful enough, to handle both shaders and a full HD resolution. I don't even think its capale of pushing it at a 720p good looking maxed settings.

    Would you be so kind to guide me through the most suitable settings?

    This is what I have and it's pretty close to what I remember I was getting on my original Playsation when I was a kid:

    Renderer: Hardware
    Framebuffer sofware: on
    Internal res: 2x
    Color depth: 32bpp
    Dithering: off
    Texture filtering: nearest
    PGXP mode: memory only
    Vertex cache PGXP: on
    Perspective texturing PGXP: on
    Line to quad hack: default
    CPU Dynarec: disabled
    Dynarec code: full
    Dynarec cycles DMS/GPU: 128
    CPU overclock: native
    Overclock GTE: off
    Overclock GPU: 1x
    Pal video timing overide: on

    All the options that I did not mentioned were left untouched.

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