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  • I'm in love with the BGFX settings for MAMEUI64 for PC, which has this soft, glowy, slightly curved and extremely authentic "faded" look that is uncanny on a bright LCD monitor - looks like that old Street Fighter II Turbo machine that used to be at the laundromat in college.

    The RBP4 seems to have enough oomph to handle this, but the compiled versions of MAME for retropie cores don't have HLSL or BGFX, just the glsl shaders. I've tried a ton of these but they either do not work at all or seem to have slight variations on that simple scanlines/no blur look.

    What shaders are you using? What set of shaders and passes would give me something similar to the BGFX look - a blur, a bloom, and then some monitor curvature? I want that washed-out, dirty CRT look.

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