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Amiberry - map an Amiga keyboard key to a specific keyboard key

  • It may not be intuitive, so let me clarify.

    I have an ipac2, which act as keyboard. As such; each button on my arcade controller is mapped to a keyboard key. When running the amiga; there are some keys that are universal for certain games; like F1-F4, Return, left mouse button, spacebar and so on.

    I would like to not have to use the keyboard attached to my RPI4, and since my controller has 8 buttons for each player, and the amiga usually use only one joy button, I would like to map the other buttons to my arcade button.
    I can change those buttons in the iPac2 config utility; but that would mess up mame and all the other retroarch cores, so what I want to do is to remap for example "enter" on the amiga keyboard to "alt" on my encoder, which is assigned to button 2; or F3 to button 3 and Esc to button 4 and so on.

    How do I do that? I see no entry for buttons in the hostprefs.conf file, nor I saw them in the rp-a500.uae file. Whatever the Amiberry application is using to map controls, does not seem to be visible.

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