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Touch screen in Retropie

  • Hey guys, I have been having some issues trying to get the touch screen workings with DS emulators. It works fine in the full Raspbian OS. I have tried Drastic and as others mentioned its a bit of a mess at the moment. Touch screen does work on it but it barely uses up the screen(a lot of wasted space). I would like the screen to be stacked vertically which seems to be unachievable through Drastic. Unless I am missing something.

    Next I moved to lr-desmume. It runs good and I can get the screen to run vertically when starting and it looks great. However I have scoured the web/forums to try and find a way to enable the touch screen for it. I have a bit of a split question here. In drastic is it possible to have the screen vertical? Second does anyone know if its possible to enable touch screen for lr-desmume? Thanks

  • @UnmaskdInsanity said in Touch screen in Retropie:

    In drastic is it possible to have the screen vertical?

    Yes it is possible. I have Drastic configured so that I can press a button to toggle vertical/horizontal orientation and a button to toggle single screen viewing as well. Are you on a pi 4? If so, drastic has an issue when displaying the drastic menu. Essentially everything being displayed is one step behind what you are doing, so you have to mentally keep track of what menu item your are actually selected on. Its annoying but it is possible to do. Alternatively if you have an older pi model you can configure your controls and setup there and then copy the config to your pi 4 (make sure you use the same controller).

  • Yes I have a pi 4. I did manage to make some changes to the settings it was a challenge lol. I can change the internal Drastic views on a horizontal screen. But I want the whole screen rotated 90 degrees(vertical) so when I stack the screen top/bottom it uses up most of the viewing area. Here's what I would like to achieve on Drastic. This is what my lr-desmume looks like.


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