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Controller Recommendations please

  • Hi Everyone,
    Can anyone recommend a good controller for retropie please? I already have a classic SNES type, but it doesn't suit all occasions. I'm used to XBox controllers really, the original and the 360. As a wireless 360 controller would require a dongle I was thinking about possibly a 2nd user XBox One controller from the "Bay of e". What do you think?

  • I use and love the Logitech F310 (wired, no rumble) and F710 (wireless with rumble). They are dualshock style instead of Xbox, but they just work right out of the box without fiddling with extra drivers.

    I have also successfully paired the official Nintendo Switch Pro Controller over bluetooth. That might get you closer to the feel of Xbox if you are determined to not use a dongle and the cost isn't an issue.

  • HI!!! Nintendo Switch PRO controller (replica!) And it's the BOMB!!!
    Argentina Style!

  • I use wireless xbox360 controllers with a wireless adapter for all my builds. They sync up perfectly, are inexpensive, never run into driver issues or have to deal with potentially finicky Bluetooth. You don't need to buy the official Microsoft brand adapter either, I have used several different 3rd party brands and they all have worked just fine.

  • I ended up getting this after reading some reviews: -

    Took me a while to work out how to setup. Noticed it was detected as a USB device correctly when I plugged it in, but linux didn't know what it was. Eventually I saw a post on here about a user using an original Xbox controller and his friend had an EasySMX . So I loaded the xboxdrv with a few commandline options, from here: -

    I just needed the device id, detected on plugin and voila.

    It's a nice bit of kit for the price.
    One issue though, xboxdrv on testing detects any button I press. But emulationstation can't detect me pressing the left trigger when configuring it, any ideas?

  • I've just ordered an 8bitdo SN30 Pro Plus - it has rave reviews

  • @Evan You should probably start a new thread for this issue. People are not gonna look at the title 'controller recommendations please' and think 'This person needs help with configuration.'

  • @froccoar i want to buy a Pro controller replica but i didn't find any information if those work well in retropie i have an original pro controller and works well but i don't want to pair it with the Pi and repair it with the Switch all the time, could you tell me which 3rd party controller are you using please? (do you use it in bluetooth mode?)

    A brother From Chile here ;)

  • Personally, my favorite controllers are PS3 controllers. They are the right size, have a hot key in the middle, and they auto shut off when you aren't using them (unlike the PS4).

    They're getting harder to find though, and I've moved to the sn30 pro. It works great, charges with usb-c, looks like the classic snes controller, and you can make one of the extra buttons your hot key.

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