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PC Engine/TurboGrafix roms in Japanese? Way to change language internally?

  • One of the first games I played when I got my first RetroPie setup on the Pi 1 like 4 or 5 years ago was Final Lap Twin on PCEngine/TurboGrafix 16. It had been awhile since I played it and I wanted to show a friend of mine the story mode on this game. When I loaded it up the title screen looked normal, but when I went to the Quest mode, all of the text was in another language (I think Japanese). I checked with my brother who has had the same rom for years and it was the same for him. So that leads me to believe it was some sort of change in the emulators in RetroPie (I have 4.6). Is there a way to change the language on Quest mode to English internally? It's odd because everything else in different parts of the game is all in English... but the one part I want, the Quest mode (It's like a Zelda kind of game but you go around and race other people and stuff) is all in another language. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

  • @BGallagherLA I tried the game now using the latest retropie 4.6 and lr-beetle-pce-fast. The Quest mode is all in english. I can't reproduce your problem. Get the USA rom from another source and try again.

  • @Darksavior Great, thank you. I found the USA version and it does work properly. Much obliged!

  • @BGallagherLA I grew up playing this game! A rather unique racing rpg. There wasn't else much like it at the time (that I am aware of anyway). I remember my family took a long road trip and playing final lap twin on the Turbo Express handheld. Since there was no in game saving you had to write down really long passwords and it was quite a challenge to tell the "O" and "0" apart from each other on the small screen. Thanks for the good memories, I haven't thought about this game in a long time.

  • @quicksilver I love this game! I was kinda bummed that they didn't include this on the TurboGrafix Mini, especially since I don't believe it was even ported to another console. When I first got into RetroPie, one of the first things I did was beat the Quest mode. It took like three or four months! I'm planning on streaming the Quest mode on my Twitch stream, FYI. I want to find a better way to stream it first but it will definitely happen!

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