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  • This is the MAME Random Of the Week #166

    The five random numbers for this week are: 482 1771 1382 95 1270

    Click here to vote! Which game do you choose for MAME ROW #166?

    Game Name: The Cliffhanger - Edward Randy (World revision 2)
    Company: Data East Corporation
    Year: 1990
    ROM file name:

    Game Name: Splatter House (Japan)
    Company: Namco
    Year: 1988
    ROM file name:

    Game Name: Pole Position II
    Company: Namco
    Year: 1983
    ROM file name:
    Sample: polepos

    Game Name: Balloon Bomber
    Company: Taito
    Year: 1980
    ROM file name:

    Game Name: Panic Street (Japan)
    Company: Kaneko
    Year: 1999
    ROM file name:
    BIOS: skns

    The result of the poll is posted on Wednesday, so we have Monday and Tuesday for experimentation.

    What is the MAME ROW?

    MAME ROW stands for MAME Random Of the Week. We randomly select an arcade game from the 0.78 MAME Reference Set to play on the week. The idea is to play games we've never played before, interact with other forum members, post hi-scores, share game strategies, fun facts, and (the most important) HAVE FUN!

    We will play the winner all next week.

    Previous Rounds

  • @obsidianspider Oooh! I'd go for The Cliffhanger or Pole Position. I'll try them out later and see if any works better than the other or not.

  • Cliffhanger vote from me, it's a bit weird and I like it.

  • I can never get past that Attic part in Splatterhouse.

  • I ended up voting for Cliffhanger. Pole Position was one of the first games I got on the ZX Spectrum, but it's not especially great these days. Also, I couldn't find a way to change gears on Mame 2003.

    I never played SplatterHouse so that's also an option. Looking forward to seeing what comes out of this!

  • Yesterday I was inspired to watch Friday the 13th Parts 6 and 7. XD (although I'm voting for "Edward Randy")

  • This week's winner is The Cliffhanger - Edward Randy

    Screen Shot 2020-07-01 at 8.41.40 AM.png


  • Was The Cliffhanger or CLIFF HANGER going to be a series?

  • Interesting. So I tried it out today and got a score of 7095, it seems. I made it through part of the second level.


    The scoring in this game is quite weird, what it seems to measure is the max power attained.

    How are your experiences so far?

  • @pjft I'll try today and get back to you!

    Edit: It didn't go well.... Score went more down than up... not sure what I finished at but about 2,000.... Died on the bit with the large plane (maybe a boss?)

    Further Edit: I tried again and did a lot better, it's about getting past that first level and then the score gets a bit happier.

  • MAME ROW #167 is now live!

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