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  • Hi, total newbie here, just configured my RetroPie today.
    All the classic NES and MAME games run beautifully on my Raspberry PI, however PS1 and especially N64 games stutter and run very sluggish on the same system.
    Also most PS1 games don’t even work, they have the title but when I start them they just do nothing and come back to the main menu.
    Any hints please?
    Thanks in advance!

  • Hey there, not a professional by any means, but for N64, try experimenting with every single emulator for different effects. Some work better for games than others. Also, from what I gather you're going to have to overclock your pi3 to make n64 run efficiently, as it can do games but it does struggle. I have no experience with that, however if you search within this forum I am sure there is a guide

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    @Noe5 Please add more information about your system, as detailed in

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