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  • I had rigged up a nice little modification to where it would toggle back and forth between rotated mode and horizontal mode. This worked great for my manually rotated CRT monitor.

    However, I have since then moved from an HDMI/VGA input to an analog VGA666 adapter, which required me to manually set the HDMI_TIMINGS for 800x600 mode. I also upgraded to RetroPie 4.6 on my Raspberry Pi 3b+. Now, when I use

    emulationstation --rotate=1

    it still rotates, but the menus do not rescale to the vertical orientation (600 x 800 vs. 800 x 600). As a result, the emulationstation menus do not fill the vertical screen and they extend off the right side of the screen. I tried using

    emulationstation --rotate=1 --windowed --resolution 600 800

    but that created a small image in a corner. Any thoughts as to how I can get this to work correctly? Am I missing a configuration parameter of some kind?

  • @Jouster try --screensize 600 800

  • @gomisensei That worked perfectly, thanks!

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