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Xbox one controller cannot be confiured

  • Hardware:
    raspberry pi 4B 4GB RAM
    office keyboard
    office mouse
    office monitor
    Xbox one controller 1708 (at least i hope in this number)
    I think retropie 4.6 for rpi4
    I've installed retropie about 2 months ago and everything works well. Then I wasn't at home for some time and I didn't use it. After about 4 weeks without using it i update it using

    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get upgrade

    and from retropie menu. Then I wanted to play some games but controller works only in menu. I thinked, that this is only some small error and as I am lazy, I just reinstalled retropie and than I had some problems while even connecting Xbox one controller. After some time I successfully connect Xbox controller, so in connection menu it was in active connection and when I connect it says "successfully connected". Then I went to main menu, go to configure input and it says "no controller detected". I press a on Xbox one controller for a long time (2 minutes) and nothing happened. I rebooted retropie. When booting, controller connects (stops blinking Xbox logo a lighting still), but its not detected by ES. When I tried

    sudo jstest /dev/input/js0

    It detects it properly, it sees it, calls it Xbox controller, it properly detects buttons and axis but when I press anything nothing happens.

    How to repeat problem:
    1.) reinstall retropie completely
    2.) start it, install xboxrdv, kodi, pixel desktop
    3.) go to Bluetooth menu and connect Xbox controller (please use some tutorial for this, I needed to add some lines somewhere.Just make it connect without error)
    4.)go to main menu, go to configure controls, and try to configure controls (if it says that controller is detected or if you are able to configure it you don't repeat this problem.)
    5.)press F4, and use

    sudo jstest /dev/input/js0

    (If you don't have jstest just install it)
    6.) It should correctly detect controller, buttons and axis, but when you press anything and move anything it should not do anything.


  • Global Moderator

    Install the xpadneo driver from the RetroPie-Setup Drivers section and re-boot, then re-pair the controller and re-try the configuration.

  • @blboun please watch this video, you will need to install a firm ware update one each controller via the Xbox One console before hand:

  • I watch this video and I done everything as shown, still same problem. I successfully connected Xbox controller but ES does NOT detect it. I still can't configure buttons and jstest is still same, nothing changes.

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